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ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus 8 ReadMe 

Thank you for installing ManageEngine ServiceDesk Plus 8 - a comprehensive and affordable IT Help Desk and Asset Management software. ServiceDesk Plus 8 release includes the following features below,
Service Catalog  
This module enables IT Administrators to create, maintain and monitor Service Catalog.
  • Support for creating Service Catalog with service categories and services.

  • Support for automatic redirection for approval when a service is requested.

  • Support for user group based display of services.

  • Support for SLA based services.

  • Support for additional fields similar to requests.


Agent based Scanning

Apart from agentless scanning, agent based scanning would be supported. The agent needs to be installed in the remote machines and would be used for inventory scanning and remote desktop. The agent would support delta scanning too i.e.,only the difference in the inventory data between subsequent scans would be sent to the SDP server. This enhances the speed of the discovery process as well as reduces the bandwidth usage.

Integration with Desktop Central
  • Option to install a software for a user / computer using Desktop Central.
  • Option to uninstall a software for a user / computer using Desktop Central.
Other Enhancements
  • Dashboards:
    • Predefined dashboards with pre-defined widgets.
  • Linking of requests:
    • Option to specify that a request is similar to another request and map them together.
    • Option to copy the resolution, worklog, notes etc.. to the linked requests.
  • Purchase Order Enhancements:
    • PO Workflow includes three new states - Ordered PO, Invoice Received and Payment done.
    • Provision to reconcile assets created by receiving items from PO and assets scanned during scanning.
    • Provision to configure multiple approver for a PO.
    • Provision to restrict approver to approve a PO based on the total cost of the PO.
    • Items of type Consumable will not be added as individual asset while they are received from PO.
    • Support for configuring different tax rates for items in single PO.
    • Support for adding invoice details and payment details to PO.
    • Support for configuring the mandatory close fields for PO.
  • Software License Management:
    • Import software licenses from CSV.
    • Supports different license types like OEM, concurrent, enterprise-subscription, enterprise-perpetual, free, named user, node locked, trial apart from the existing CAL, volume, individual. license types for Microsoft, Adobe and Symantec are configured by default.
    • Support for configuring custom license types.  
    • Support for license agreements and notifications on license expiry.
  • Auto Sync of Distributed Data: The inventory data scanned in the remote SDP servers would be pushed automatically to the central SDP server at periodic intervals.
  • Remote Control Settings: Remote control to a machine by default would prompt for user's permission to access the machine. Machines for which the prompt is not required (say, Servers) can be configured from the workstation/server list view.
  • API Enhancement: Supports REST type API.  
  • Automatic assigning of tickets based on the availability and current ticket count of a technician. i.e. request gets assigned to a technician who has the least number of open tickets.
  • Option to assign a backup technician for requests when a technician is on leave.
  • Approvals for Change/Purchase/Service requests and Incident requests from a technician or requester is displayed in Home -> My Views.   
  • User Group based solutions, incident templates and announcements.
  • Site based implementation for problem and change.  
  • Support to search notes, worklog, resolution and request ID for the request module.
  • Supports request closure code while closing a request.
Behavioral Changes
  • The new query report option is available to technicians only with SDAdmin role.
  • Global View and Asset View under the Home tab are moved to Dashboard module.
  • PO will not move to "Closed" state immediately after receiving all the items. It has to be done manually.
  • Agent ID is the first identifier that would be used for identifying the presence of a scanned workstation in the database.
  • Worklog can be added only for the technicians who belong to the associated sites of the logged in technician.
  • Conversations are moved to a separate table. So when a merged request is split, a new request ID is generated and assigned.
  • Merged request details cannot be viewed by changing the ID in the URL.
  • Approval state of the request changes to "Rejected" only when all the approvers reject the request.
  • Incident Templates are grouped based on the service category configured in the template.
  • For requests raised via email, the requester's site will be set only if the site value in the default template is "Not Associated to any Site". This is similar to the self service portal login.    
Contact Information
For any queries or product-related support, contact us at
For more information on the ManageEngine suite, visit

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